Bullwhip Short Handle


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The Bullwhip Short Handle is a handmade bullwhip proudly made in South Africa from quality cow hide and comes with a replacement guarantee. Join the hobby, start whipcracking today and order your bullwhip online from Animal Gear and we will deliver directly to your door.

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Bullwhip Short Handle



The Bullwhip – Short Handle is a carefully handcrafted bullwhip made from quality cow hide by South Africa’s premier bullwhip maker, Johan Steyn who has over 3,000 proud whipcracking customers. Bullwhips are now for sale online at Animal Gear, who will deliver directly to your door in South Africa.

The making of bullwhips is an art and it takes years to hone whipmaking skills. Each bullwhip is carefully made by hand, taking into account balance and flexibility. The Bullwhips available from Animal Gear are platted from the tip backward toward the handle which prevents loose ends forming at the front, which is a problem with other bullwhips on the market. Animal Gear through their whipmaker offer a replacement guarentee on condition that the bullwhip is dubbened quarterly, the popper and fall are replaced regularly and the bullwhip has not been misused i.e. don’t use it for towing your vehicle.

Bullwhips have been in existance since the first recordings of history and can be seen in early hieroglyphics. Traditionally bullwhips have been used for driving cattle. Bullwhips are the whips of choice by circus performers and stuntmen, particularly those doing Western-style acts.

The Indiana Jones movies featuring Harrison Ford, extensively features the bullwhip in action and did a lot to popularise whipcracking as a hobby. Indiana Jones can be seen carrying an 8 inch bullwhip on his belt, which incidently is the perfect length to start with when learing the art of whipcracking.

Animal Gear identified bullwhipping or whipcracking as a fast growing hobby in South Africa and as such started selling bullwhips online. If you are looking to take up the hobby of whipcracking then you will need to learn some of the various crack’s and whipcracking techniquesThe easiest crack to learn is the forward crack, which is safe for beginners and is often used to cut targets. The sidearm crack is used for wraps and the overhead crack is the most impressive looking and gives you the loudest cracks.

The cracking sound you hear is a result of the tip of the whip moving faster than the speed of sound and creating a vacuum in space. The air rushing back into the vacuum makes the loud pop sound. A bullwhip generates its speed through the “conservation of energy”. A little energy imparted at the handle accelerates along the diminishing diameter until the popper is moving over 1120 km / hour.

Bullwhips are made up of various sections and most whips share the same names for these parts / sections.


Short Handle Bull Whip


The thong of a whip is the entire flexible leather braided section of any whip.

The popper is the front tip of the bullwhip and is an easily replaceable portion of the whip. It is the part of the bullwhip that takes the most abuse. Contrary to popular belief, the popper is not necessary for a whip to crack.  We just use poppers because if we didn’t, the end of the fall would begin to fray instead of the popper, and poppers are much easier and cheaper to replace than falls.

The fall is a thick and durable strip betwee the popper and the thong. Though not as easy as poppers, falls are still fairly easily replacable.

The fall hitch is the end of the thong, where the fall is attached. 

The transition knot, on most modern bullwhips, serves no other real purpose beyond marking the point of transition between the handle and the thong.

The handle is not flexible like the thong.  It provides the extra leverage on a whip that makes it easier to crack.

The handle/butt knot is a decorative knob. This knob will help properly distribute the weight of the whip. Most whipcrackers hold this knot in the palm of their hand when cracking.


Taking care of your whip

Your whip is made of leather so you should be careful to keep it clean and dry. A whip’s worst enemy is dirt and moisture. Dirt can rub and erode the leather, and moisture can cause it to stretch, shrink, kink and even Mildew.

Do not use oils on your whips, dubben is recommended and your bullwhip should be dubbened quarterly.

Store your bullwhip in a dark dry place. Sunlight can dry it out like an old lampshade. Store it rolled into a loose coil along its natural bend. Don’t force it to coil any tighter than it wants to.



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